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Weddings, Photo Shoots, Formals, Show & Teach...

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Growing up around makeup, having a mom working for Elizabeth Arden and a sister working for Lancome, I was bound to stride down this path. I have a home video of me, when I was three years old, applying blush and mascara. Makeup is a passion for me.  It is my outlet. The power of an excellent transformation is beyond words. I started my makeup services when I was in high school for proms and homecomings. I now have 12 years of hands on experience. I stay up to date on new trending looks, products, and techniques. I've done work for photo shoots, weddings, formals, fashion shows, and casual nights out. I offer makeup tutorials and personal "show and teach" sessions. I have worked for Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, and have done numerous freelance events. I would be honored to service you for your upcoming event! My kit is ready to go! You just tell me when and where!
On this site you can view my work, services, and contact me personally. I look forward to making you look and feel fabulous!
 (wedding, bridal, prom, homecoming, photo shoot)
 (wedding, bridal, prom, homecoming, photo shoot)

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I've worked with tons of vendors in the area and have found some pretty awesome artists!
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